This class is an introduction to

 Sacred Dance of India, Bharatanatyam,

taught by Dr. Manimekalai.

Bharatanatyam is a 2000-year-old sacred ceremony and act of devotion which expresses the innate longing in all living beings for cosmic consciousness.


In this class you will learn:

About Sacred Dance and how it connects you to the Divine.


Basic steps along strait lines, triangles, and circles that together create patterns which reflect Mandalas (cosmic shapes) associated with the Chakras of the body.


Various hand positions (mudras) and the power that each holds.


To use musical sound vibrations to awaken latent energies in your inner being.


How to combine these elements into a dance invoking the Divine to remove obstacles in your life and bless you.

Dance is used to induce trance, contemplation and to experience the Divine. Consequently, in India, dance has flourished side-by-side with the austerities of meditation. Shiva, the arch-yogi of the Gods, is also the Lord of the dance. Dancing is an art in which the artist and the art s/he creates are one and the same, thus evoking the oneness of God and creation.


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